Our Partners

Anchor Partners are vendors or service providers who are responsible for outreach, recruitment and coordination of vendors or service providers in the Village neighborhoods: Health & Wellness, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Youth/Future Zone, and Local Shops. They participate in program design and vendor curation, marketing and promotion, and operations on the day of the event, and are committed to the mission and intention of the Village.

Sponsors/Funders are public or private organizations that are looking to expand their impact in low-income communities of color through the fiscal sponsorship of a neighborhood in the Village or the entire Pop-Up Village.

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces engages communities in the design and development of new buildings, spaces, and tools to attack the root causes of mass incarceration and create new prototypes such as peacemaking centers, transitional housing, and mobile villages. Together we can harness the power of the built environment to support the success and expansion of restorative justice, education, and workforce development programs instead of imprisonment.


Butterfly Movement

In order to change the world, we must embody the transformation we want to see, both internally and externally.

The Butterfly Movement is committed to Reframing, Reconnecting, Regenerating and Reactivating women and girls as they Rebuild their personal and land ecology all over the planet.

The Butterfly Movement is pollinating the planet Soul to Seed to Soil!


Namaste Ready

Namaste Ready is an active way of life that encourages us to: Stay ready for Spirit, Stay ready for Community, Stay ready for Family, Stay ready for Self Care. Breathing through the motion, meditation and mantra of sacred indigenous wisdom we will open ourselves to SPIRIT in order to be better servants of our COMMUNITY, FAMILY and SELF. Come build community with us.


Mandela Grocery Cooperative

Unlike traditional supermarkets, our worker owned grocery store prioritizes improving the health and well being of our workers and community members, while redefining our local economy and sharing the surplus. Our co-op is open to the public, no membership is required to access the healthy food we carry.



Spearitwurx is a comprehensive organization that “creates experiences to transform lives.” We promote community wellness through engaging cultural events, evidence-informed youth programming, as well as innovative consulting & training for parents and youth development professionals. We specialize in such topics as culture & wellness, powerful parenting, transformative engagement, trauma & resiliency, and authentic leadership. Our organization continues to grow as we contribute to healing the hearts and minds of our community.



KaSelah Crockett is an Oakland native committed to her community. She has directed Intensive and Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care programs providing trauma informed mental health care across eight counties. KaSelah served as an educator in the Criminal Injustice System for incarcerated youth and adults while also acting as Lead Instructor for community based programs. She is the founder and director of KaCierge, a networking and consulting business providing services to local community based organizations.


Become a Partner

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