What is a Pop-Up Village?

The Pop-Up Village is a site activation project that harnesses the power of design to catalyze the magic that emerges when people and programs come together in public space. Its mission is to create a village of civic resources for under-resourced communities so they can thrive.

It does so by bringing together a constellation of programming—health and wellness, youth and family, retail, food, and education resources—in customized buses, vans, pop-up shops, furniture, and other types of mobile architecture and nature.

Pop-Up Village Neighborhoods

Place matters, and its power has been taken from those who stand to gain the most from its thoughtful creation. Rooted in the core values of Abundance, Action, Creativity, Generosity, Collaboration, and Participation, the Village seeks to bring regenerative design back into the hands of community.


Contribute to the Pop-Up Village

A donation to the Pop-Up Village will go directly to engaging residents and community partners to enable the Village to pop-up on a regular schedule, bringing together retrofitted vehicles, mobile trees and vendor stalls to create welcoming public squares, and providing convenient access to much-needed social services, health and wellness resources, educational programs, entrepreneurship programs, business incubation opportunities, and cultural activities, resulting in increased feelings of safety, pride, and enjoyment of the neighborhood.


Thank You

for supporting the Pop-Up Village! We greatly appreciate your contribution to our work designing places that restore and transform.

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Anchor Partners

The Pop-Up Village Anchor Partners curate and coordinate vendors and service providers in each of the Village neighborhoods: Health & Wellness, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Education, Youth Zone, Local Shops, and Operations. They are committed to the mission and intention of the Village.

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Sponsors/Funders are public or private organizations that are looking to expand their impact in low-income communities of color through the fiscal sponsorship of a neighborhood in the Village (Health & Wellness, Food & Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Education, Youth Zone, Local Shops, and Operations) or the entire Pop-Up Village!

If you’re interested in sponsoring or contributing to a Village, click the button below.

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