Popping Up 2nd Saturdays in the Bayview – 3/9/24

Southeast Community Center (SECC)
1550 Evans Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124

Welcoming families, pregnant people and all interested to celebrate in community, engage in self-care, get valuable resources and services, and much more…


Birth Companions Community Center (BCCC)

We are a group of Latinx doulas with a commitment to serving the community with low income with respect and culture. Helping with Prenatal Education, child development, and supporting pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.


Black Infant Health Program

Black Infant Health provides culturally affirming services that honor the needs, history, and traditions of women of African descent.


Compass Family Services

We help homeless families and those at imminent risk to achieve housing stability, economic self-sufficiency, and well-being


DJ B. Bailey

DJ B. Bailey is a Bay Area native that specializes in keeping the party going. He is also a certified fitness trainer who values the health and wellness of his community.


EBlendz da Barber

Resident Barber known as "EBlendz da Barber" is no stranger to hard work or community service. He supports all the Pop-Up patrons in looking and feeling their best.


Everyone's Place Acupuncture

Dr. Tenisha Dandridge is passionate about closing the racial health disparities gap in the US and uses Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the treatment of Multigenerational Legacies of Trauma. She provides free acupuncture at the Pop-Up Village.


Homeless Prenatal Program and Jelani House

HPP is a family resource center on a mission to break the cycle of childhood poverty focusing on families with children 0-5, but including families with children up to 17 years. Services range from basic needs to housing support and everything in between.



KaSelah Crockett is an Oakland native committed to her community. KaSelah served as an educator in the Criminal Injustice System for incarcerated youth and adults while also acting as Lead Instructor for community-based programs. She is the founder and director of KaCierge, a networking and consulting business providing services to local community-based organizations. As the Project Manager for the Pop-Up Village, she coordinates programming and manages operations.


MCAH Home Visiting Program

Public Health Nurse (PHN) Program partners pregnant persons with their own personal nurse. We provide information around what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth, baby care and development, plus much more. We are available to clients regardless of age, immigration status, or gender identity.



Nova12SF is a 12-mile walk across San Francisco representing the 12% of women who develop breast cancer. The sixth annual walk will take place on October 14, 2023 and the route highlighting breast cancer disparities in the City and County of San Francisco. Funds raised by the walk are given to under resourced individuals affected by breast cancer. Funds can be used to help pay rent, purchase food, pay utilities, assist in transportation among ot


Plant Based Fitness

Take Control & Unlock The Potential For A Long Healthy Life. At Plant Based Fitness we help you achieve a life-long health & fitness transformation through tailored training, personalized nutrition coaching, chef-curated meals, and a community of friendly, like-minded people.


Pop-Up Clinical Services

Have questions you want answered by a nurse, doctor, or midwife? Need help getting into a clinic? Pregnant or non-pregnant people, we’re here to help! Come visit our midwife/doctor and nurse team, get advice, ultrasound, and guidance as needed. We got you!


Pregnancy Pop-Up Village UCSF Research Team

We are a group of researchers at the University of California, San Francisco who are carrying out a study to learn more about pregnant people’s experiences at the Pregnancy Pop-Up Village.


Ain't I A Scholar

Our mission is to provide holistic resources for college-bound scholars nationally and globally. Ain't I A Scholar commits to advancing scholars' access to educational and business opportunities. Our purpose is to provide various resources and guidance that will increase levels of overall achievement and greatness in scholars worldwide. It is our calling to bridge the gap among students experiencing educational disparities.

San Francisco Department of Early Childhood

San Francisco Department of Early Childhood (SFDEC) believes that how a society supports young children and their families in the early years matters because the way we begin our lives lays the foundation for our future. We are committed to uplifting family members and caregivers, good nutrition, access to preventive health care and treatment, and support to those who make a positive difference in children’s and families’ lives, in order to encourage a system where every child can be safe, healthy, and thrive. Every year of a child’s life is precious, but the first 5 years are our most significant opportunity to inspire, nurture, and prepare children to reach their full potential. We provide public investment, expertise, and leadership to put resources in the hands of those who care for our city’s children.


San Francisco Human Services Agency

The San Francisco Human Services Agency is your home for help with food, health insurance, supportive care, financial assistance, child care, and more.


SFHN Clinics

We are community primary care clinics that provide medical, dental, and wellness services to families in San Francisco. We link patients and families with all the resources needed to live healthier lives.


SisterWeb SF Community Doula Network

SisterWeb supports a network of culturally congruent community doulas from and for Black, Latinx, and Pacific Islander pregnant people in San Francisco. We provide a free birth companion (doula) with expertise, support, and advocacy to promote a satisfying and dignified birth experience.


Southeast Community Center

The Southeast Community Center features an expanded low-cost childcare center, nonprofit workspaces, community meeting rooms, large multi-purpose rooms, and a stand-alone Alex Pitcher Pavilion for community events. The open spaces include an amphitheater, gardens, outdoor dining areas, and play spaces for children. The new center will also provide a wide range of social services supporting workforce development and education for Southeast residen


Umoja Health

Umoja Health is a group of community members and organizations partnering with doctors, nurses, and infectious disease experts from UCSF and the San Francisco Department of Public Health to address the inequity in the burden of COVID-19 on Black, Latinx, and other minority communities.


Us4Us Bay Area

Us4Us is a local grassroots non-profit that uplifts people through community action supporting violence prevention based knowledge of self, resources and mentorship.


WIC Program

WIC is a supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants, and Children that provides nutrition education, breastfeeding support, a WIC card to purchase healthy foods at the grocery store, and referrals to healthcare and other community services.


The Butterfly Movement

In order to change the world, we must embody the transformation we want to see. Pollinating the Planet Soul to Seed to Soil!


Apothecary for the People

Apothecary For The People is a Bay Area apothecary that supports local economy and agriculture. It is rooted in an ecological perspective to remembering, returning, and reclaiming our Native ways.


Five Keys Schools & Programs

Five Keys uses Social and Restorative Justice principles to provide traditionally underserved communities the opportunity to restart their education.


And many more...

The Pop-Up Village brings Blender-Bike Smoothies, Cooking Demos, Food, Herbal Medicine, Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga, Mobile Classroom, Book Bike, Pop-Up Shops, Live Music & more...