Designing Justice + Designing Spaces

Designing Justice + Designing Spaces engages communities in the design and development of new buildings, spaces, and tools to attack the root causes of mass incarceration and create new prototypes such as peacemaking centers, transitional housing, and mobile villages. Together we can harness the power of the built environment to support the success and expansion of restorative justice, education, and workforce development programs instead of imprisonment.

Butterfly Movement

In order to change the world, we must embody the transformation we want to see, both internally and externally.

The Butterfly Movement is committed to Reframing, Reconnecting, Regenerating and Reactivating women and girls as they Rebuild their personal and land ecology all over the planet.

The Butterfly Movement is pollinating the planet Soul to Seed to Soil!

San Francisco Respect Initiative (SFRi)

The SF Respect Initiative, supported by the UCSF Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, aims to improve pregnancy care access, experience and outcomes for SF communities that face the most barriers. As a Health & Wellness Anchor Partner, they will help coordinate multiple SF institutions and community organizations to deliver their services through the Pop-Up model so that pregnant people can conveniently access multiple services at one time and place, in a healing, safe, and community-focused environment.

Compass & Keys

Compass & Keys is a nonprofit which focuses on community events that support addressing social determinants of health and economics in Black and underserved communities, and enhancing the quality of life for local community members through advocacy and community action.


KaSelah Crockett is an Oakland native committed to her community. KaSelah served as an educator in the Criminal Injustice System for incarcerated youth and adults while also acting as Lead Instructor for community-based programs. She is the founder and director of KaCierge, a networking and consulting business providing services to local community-based organizations. As the Project Manager for the Pop-Up Village, she coordinates programming and manages operations.

Rafiki Coalition

Our goal is to improve people’s lives by reducing health inequities that impact the Black/African American community and other under-served groups in San Francisco, and provide opportunities for wellness.

We provide a safe, supportive environment where people can find a path to wellness by understanding their health issues, becoming more physically active, and eating a healthy diet.

Bayview Association for Youth

100% College Prep provides academic resources for middle and high school students from San Francisco’s underserved communities, with a particular emphasis on youth residing in the Bayview/Hunters Point. Each year, we inspire hundreds of young people who might not otherwise consider college to set and achieve high academic goals and go on to earn postsecondary degrees.

San Francisco Department of Early Childhood

San Francisco Department of Early Childhood (SFDEC) believes that how a society supports young children and their families in the early years matters because the way we begin our lives lays the foundation for our future. We are committed to uplifting family members and caregivers, good nutrition, access to preventive health care and treatment, and support to those who make a positive difference in children’s and families’ lives, in order to encourage a system where every child can be safe, healthy, and thrive. Every year of a child’s life is precious, but the first 5 years are our most significant opportunity to inspire, nurture, and prepare children to reach their full potential. We provide public investment, expertise, and leadership to put resources in the hands of those who care for our city’s children.

Ruth Williams Opera House

The Ruth Williams Opera House exists to appreciate Black arts and culture through the acknowledgment of its rich legacy, to provide stewardship for its unique history, and to be accessible to artists and audiences so that they may be activated through transformative work that educates, inspires, and progresses excellence.

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic is a community-based nonprofit that serves young people, ages 12-24, living in Bayview Hunters Point. Youth from this neighborhood are resilient and strong. They want to finish high school and go to college, have fun with their friends, get jobs, have their own apartments, and work toward fulfilling careers. Like all young people, they need the guidance of caring and safe adults to make responsible decisions about their health, wellness, and futures. 3rd Street honors their experiences and has developed our services and programs so they are responsive to their backgrounds, and unique perspectives, and build on their inherent strengths and skills.